Kristen Wear

Kristen Wear is a FEMA certified instructor and has designed and implemented mass casualty exercises for organizations in counties, community Emergency Response Teams, the fire rescue service, military, and police departments in the National Capital Region. Ms. Wear has training in incident command, and the National Incident Management System and has participated as a controller/evaluator for multi-agency exercises and created exercise evaluation guides, checklists, exercise plans and other documentation that focused on learning objectives and training requirements of the event-specific MSEL.

Ms. Wear is a Moulage Technician and the Moulage Coordinator for the Montgomery County Community Emergency Response Team and has received intensive training from professional makeup artists, mentors, and through independent study. In this role, Wear designs mass casualty field and tabletop exercise scenarios and has developed extensive victim lists for local Fire Rescue Service, CERT, and private companies. Ms. Wear developed a system for allowing victims to take an active role in choosing their level of involvement while enabling the team to maintain the scenario-driven injury “hit list” with pre-determined victim triage categories. In addition, she has provided realistic scene-specific Moulage services for numerous airport emergency plan drills, extensive military CBRNE exercises, and police department active shooter training.

Kristen Wear has been an instructor for four years in Montgomery County Maryland where she has taught triage, first aid, life-saving skills, search and rescue, and emergency preparedness for individuals, families, communities and businesses. In addition, she currently is an ASHI-certified CPR instructor and has been certified in Wilderness First Aid.