Training Outreach Supports DomPrep with Training Roundtables

In December 2015, publishing company hired Training Outreach to market and manage logistics for a Coast Community Resiliency Roundtable that took place in late winter 2016 in New York City. Training Outreach performed contracting services, vendor management, speaker outreach and marketing and registration services.

Training Outreach Awarded UASI Grant to Create Multi-Facility Correctional Facility Evacuation Plan

On September 11, 2015, Training Outreach was awarded a contract to develop a comprehensive plan that allowed the law enforcement and corrections communities within the NCR to attain advanced readiness in case a large-scale regional emergency or disaster impacting multiple facilities and requiring the evacuation and redistribution of affected inmate populations and staff across the NCR. Training Outreach built on existing local plans to arrive at a comprehensive solution for the entire region.

Training Outreach to Assist MoCo DED with Small Business Awards Luncheon

In January 2015, Training Outreach was awarded a contract to assist Montgomery County’s Department of Economic Development with their Annual Small Business Award Ceremony.

Training Outreach President, Laura Johnson, was responsible for all aspects of the event including pre-event planning and preparation, onsite management, all related activities during and after the event, and any and all follow-up items to ensure the event runs smoothly.  Training Outreach also managed the event in 2014.

Training Outreach Awarded Functional Exercise Series

In October 2014, Training Outreach was awarded a contract to assist Montgomery County OEMHS in the development and execution of two, ¾ day functional exercises based on severe weather scenarios. Training Outreach took the lead in developing all necessary supporting exercise documents including Participant and Facilitator Manuals, Evaluation Guides, Feedback forms and After-Action Reports. The Training Outreach Team was also responsible for planning meetings, exercise evaluation, and facilitation.

Training Outreach Supports Resources for Functional Needs Emergency Planning

In June 2014, Training Outreach was awarded a contract to develop a print a braille version of a workbook for Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to use for various Access and Functional Needs populations as a guide during an emergency.

Training Outreach to Support MoCo FRS with Senior Citizen Fire Safety Training

In May 2014, Training Outreach was awarded a contract by Montgomery County’s Fire and Rescue Service to develop and provide fire safety and injury prevention education and outreach programs and provide support to senior citizens in Montgomery County, Maryland by providing assessments of potential fire safety hazards and performing minor corrections to reduce or eliminate potential hazards.  Training Outreach hired retired Battalion Chief Jim Resnick for this project, which is ongoing.

Training Outreach to Assist with School Security Seminars

In September 2013, Training Outreach was awarded a contract to help the National Capital Region (NCR) Regional Planners with three school preparedness seminars, one each for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  The seminars each had more than 200 private school administrators and provided a forum for an all hazards approach to emergency preparedness. Training Outreach was hired to obtain facilities and procure audio-visual equipment for all events, and work closely with in-house staff and regional planners.

Training Outreach Conducts Success Cyber Security Webinar

On April 4, 2013, Training Outreach conducted a webinar on the Cyber Security Threatscape for their client All Hazards Consortium, in conjunction with U.S. Department of Homeland Security and New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness.  Training Outreach’s President, Laura Johnson marketed and moderated the webinar.

Training Outreach to Train NCR K9 Officers on Scent Detection

On January 16, 2013, Training Outreach was awarded a contract through Montgomery County, Maryland to provide the first-ever “K-9 Scent Detection Train-the-Trainer” workshop for law enforcement in the National Capital Region.  The unique aspects of the training were covered by the local press on Channel  7 News and Training Outreach was featured in the following article:

Training Outreach to Support Decision Lens with Marketing

In January 2013, Training Outreach was hired by Decision Lens to help them execute and expand their events marketing. Training Outreach team members Laura Johnson and Kim Hovda have been assisting the client by evaluating and recommending conferences at which the sales team members should either attend, sponsor or speak to highlight their budget prioritization software.

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